The cooperative AMPO held last Friday, May 19, the Regular General Assembly in its corporate headquarters located in Idiazabal. Most of the people of AMPO attended this Regular General Assembly, including some retirees, as well as students who are carrying out their internships or developing their End of Degree projects at AMPO. They also counted on the participation of some staff of AMPO INDIA, who presented the information about the recently launched new plant in Coimbatore, as well as diverse audiovisual material in order to show the new facilities to whole the people at AMPO.

At this Assembly, approval was given by the shareholders to the management of last year, while approving the Annual Accounts and the Management Report, as well as the Social Management of the year 2016.

However, the General Assembly was mainly focused on the future. The different teams of AMPO presented the situation of current objectives and projects that were agreed in the 2017 Management Plan, known in the cooperative as “Ideas and Objectives for 2017”. This management plan was presented and approved by the General Assembly on an Extraordinary session held last December.

Among the various projects that were presented, they should be pointed out the following ones: the imminent opening of the new AMPO INDIA plant, the commitment to diversification, the application of the LEAN Manufacturing philosophy in order to increase efficiency, the redesign of manufacturing plant layouts, the status of the new machining workshop, the project to promote leadership, etc.

At the end of the General Assembly, a gift was given to shareholders that have reached 25 years in the cooperative.